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Founded in 2009 by Heath Hale, Cowboy Auctioneer is a full service fundraising consulting and charity auction company. Based out of Austin, Texas, the Cowboy Auctioneer team conducts record-breaking charity auction events across the country - from Houston to Chicago to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. With over 300 years of combined auction experience, Cowboy Auctioneer has raised nearly $200 million for charity missions and has won numerous awards in the auction industry.


The Cowboy Auctioneer team is passionate about helping impactful organizations across the country meet and exceed their fundraising goals. Our team not only facilitates successful auctions, but consults these organizations on all aspects of their fundraising event in order to maximize their fundraising efforts. 
Through our experience, we have learned what works, and what doesn’t. We have learned that the profile of your crowd determines how to approach each auction package. We have learned to get momentum from the start; after all, that is what the auction is all about. We have learned to adapt and get comfortable with the people involved in your event. We recognize the detail and amount of time and effort that is put into each event and we aspire to be your partner in executing a home-run auction that makes it all worth it.
We can only reach our goal if you reach yours...and that’s exactly what we intend to do!



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