Heath Hale

Owner/Lead Auctioneer

People always ask how I got into auctioneering - the truth is, I was born into a family of auctioneers. My dad, a great Texas auctioneer, took me to my first auction when I was 4 and I’ve been auctioneering ever since. When I graduated high school, I immediately attended America's Auction Academy in Dallas, Texas and received something I had always wanted and was destined to have - my auctioneer license!


I immediately started my own business and worked every auction I came across. I sold my way through college and graduated as a proud Bobcat with a bachelor's degree in Business Finance from Texas State University.  Since 2003, I’ve been working auctions on a daily basis. I’ve sold cars, boats, RVs, tractors, houses, farms, land, antiques, furniture, jewelry, livestock, taxidermy, and in my college fraternity, I even auctioned off people (ask me later - it was for a good cause!). Each auction is always in a unique setting, has its own unique goals and challenges, and each demands a unique style and personality from the auctioneer. Fortunately, this wide variety of experiences makes galas and fundraising auctions a specialty and a passion for me.

The Cowboy Auctioneer team is the best in the business. They are trained to work your crowd - for fun, for entertainment, and most importantly, for bids. They build relationships with your donors and help promote your mission to encourage your attendees to spend more money than they came to spend, all the while making sure they are happy to spend it. After all, it's for a good cause! They love auctions, always have a great time, and people love to watch them in action. Our ringmen are an investment for your event and are worth their weight in gold. 

Seth Hale


Seth is a dedicated auction pro and one of the top hands in the country! He's worked auctions since he could walk, literally, and has a passion for raising money. His talent and charm will have your bidders on the edge of their seats, giving generously. When he has the mic in his hand, you know you are about to have an incredible auction experience! 


Seth is the 2013 & 2014 "Reserve Grand Champion - Team” of the World Automobile Auctioneers Championship.  He is a proud husband and father of 2 future auctioneers and a graduate of Texas State University. He's a team player, a true professional and has a heart of gold. 

John "Bucee" Lucius


If John is at an auction, he’s having a good time! The perfect mixture of salesman and charm make John a great guy to have on your side when the auction begins. When you look up the word “Slick” in the dictionary, a photo of John "Bucee" Lucius is exactly what you’ll see!

For over 30 years John has wheeled and dealed at thousands of auctions. There is only ONE John Lucius!  

Wade "Hollywood" Pierce


Wade is the ultimate player in the auction game. His experience is unmatched and his incredible ability to get one more bid out of you is unprecedented. Wade has seen it all and can talk the talk with any profile of bidder. When the auction starts, don't be surprised if his section has more bids than most could count. 

Donnie "Romeo" Montgomery


The only thing that rivals Donnie's skill at an auction is his heart. He's full of energy, he loves to get the crowd pumped up, and he's always getting "just one more" bid! 

Donnie has more than 30 years of auction experience, and his life journey makes him the most passionate guy in the room for your mission.

Trinity Crow


"Old Crow" is a 2nd generation auctioneer and ringman with a supernatural ability to raise money! This "Reserve World Champion" is all business when the auction starts, and will help your top donors experience the thrill of bidding big. After all, Trinity's specialty is taking your auction to the next level! 

He's been auctioneering since he was in diapers and is one of the fastest auctioneers in the country. His dad and brother are both renowned Texas auction pros, giving him more experience and knowledge than most gain in a lifetime. 

Paden "Puddin" Crow


This Crow bro is always on fire! Paden not only connects with your bidders and immediately becomes their friend, he elevates the energy and makes sure everyone is having fun! 

With a lifetime of experience, this 2nd generation auctioneer and ringman is "Reserve World Champion". Trust us, when you meet Paden, you'll know your bidders are in for a show! 

Jeff Parker


A true gentleman with a huge heart, Jeff always enjoys raising money for a great mission! His extensive auction experience across half a dozen industries makes him a true pro that you want on your team. His charisma, stature and southern country accent is sure to charm your bidders into "just another thousand"!  

Wade "FISH" Fisher


We don't always admit it, but this Aggie is the smartest guy in the room! He's fun, he's strategic and he's a savvy auction professional. 

He's a 2nd generation auctioneer and ringman with a lifetime of experience. As a business owner, he's one of the top auction experts in the US cattle industry and has a huge heart for raising money when the opportunity calls. 

Landon "Mr. January" Waddle


This slick young World Champion is your lucky charm! Between his talent and his smile, even your toughest attendees will have their paddles held high. 

Landon is a 2nd generation auctioneer, ringman, and Texas State Bobcat who's been crushing the auction game since he was a kid... well technically, he is still a kid! 

Jason "J-Dub"


The perfect combination of gentleman and charm, Jason is always connecting with your bidders to encourage their generosity for your mission. He's a utility player with a tool for every situation and a smile for every donor. 

Audri "Red" Henderson


Everyone loves Audri! Don't let her sweet smile and southern charm fool you though, Audri is a certified auction pro. 

She's a 2nd generation auctioneer and ring-woman with a lifetime of experience in all aspects of the auction. Since she could walk and talk, she's coordinated, planned, procured, trained, hosted and sold at auctions. When Audri shows up, she makes the team look good!  

Tommy Hale


The Godfather! The Legend! If it weren't for Tommy, we wouldn't exist. He's a legendary Texas auctioneer that has pioneered a family and an industry. We all look up to Tommy and are grateful for all he has given to the auction industry, creating and succeeding in a career that most would only dream of.